SEAM – photos of ‘Powered by Emotion’ rehearsal by Marten Spangberg

his performance: humor and amour! great generous moment where Marten made eye contact with each and every person of the audience (last about 10 minutes).
his presentation: surfing minds, think diagonally, interested by notion of success, big ambition is revolution! freedom as high value, change the scale! skip Deleuze, use it as something tactical, a work which works, what about thinking just now….

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  1. commentarmem says:

    Once upon a time, I saw a love-couple on street. They were looking each other, face to face, eyes to eyes, not moving at all, for a whole eternity (well, I can guarantee that it was 10 minutes at least). At first, I just passed them by, like any ordinary street-walk on any ordinary day… But after some meters, I had turned myself, and stopped. And then went back, and around, and back again. Anyhow, they didn’t look at me at all. Maybe that two persons were not any kind of “couple”, maybe they had an ordinary walk like me, a walk which was interrupted with that silent gazing, maybe…? But that gazing-activity was so great. I couldn’t went away from them, from that street. It looks that I have stayed there forever.
    AND/OR: It looks that if I have stayed there forever, they would be still there. Or, maybe, they are?
    But, I went away. Our 10 minutes passed.

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