Weaving through and into the frame, so many legs, on the move, moving out.  Each one is leading and following, following the finest of threads.
– direction, editing, sound: Suzon Fuks – music: Jeff Turpin – music recording: James Cunningham –

If I am interested by the extension of the screendance definition to multidimensional and multiscreens in live performance, I also work for one screen as a vocabulary/syntax/foundation work.  So, “Threads”, first work made during my fellowship, is for a standalone screen, investigating how to go beyond the frame with caterpillars moving in a long line  (old footage sleeping in a draw for some time), diving in with very close ups, entering in textures, exploring the borders, geometry, depth, going in/out of the frame.

Revisiting old works, I realised after making this video, that my very first image piece (with photos and polaroids that I digitised at the end of 2009) was titled FILS: French word for threads!…cycle…..

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