workshop at MES56, Yogyakarta

Following the artist talk and installation performance at Tembi contemporary gallery, I gave a 2day-workshop to local artists, at MES56 Gallery, on networked creative collaboration, sharing info about internet platforms, tools and  processes.
Humour, focus and motivation contributed to overcome language difficulties.  Different priorities, variable accesses to internet and speed of connection (slow at times!) were interesting challenges, reinforcing the demand of being flexible to scale/re-scale/adjust schedule and content. Thanks to MES56! Sip!  – photos by Wimo, Akiq, Dolly and Andre –
exhibition on gallery walls:’Contact Lens’ by Victor Zwiers

5 Responses to “workshop at MES56, Yogyakarta”

  1. wimo bayang says:

    Sip ! 😀 Thanks for the workshop 😀

  2. Thought-provoking art! Crucial topic!

  3. Scotia says:

    Looks like a fabulous couple of days – jealous not to have shared it with you all! I linked in toward the end of the second day but you had all branched off onto your own stages to experiment, so missed the action. Looking forward to continuing the exchange as you build up work on upstage or the developing Virtual Fountain website. Great haircut Suzon!!! Would love a ride in the super VDUB!!

  4. Dionn says:

    Nice workshop,, a lot of experience and friend

  5. bosman says:

    hi suzon, let me no if finally u launch the water project, cu

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