artist statement

As an intrinsically experimental artist I am deeply committed to making & developing art that examines, reflects upon, and helps us survive, today’s disjointed worlds.  Using the live body as a starting point, I focus on process, interaction and diversity, compelled by small human gestures that are shared across cultures and that communicate and reveal the depth and complexity of our human experience. My practice is characterised by a holistic post-humanistic approach that focuses upon magnifying details, synthesizing wholes, collaborating, coordinating, weaving between extremes, playing with contrasts and emphasizing presence and space. My works are made for audiences to interpret, to be provoked by, to view from a range of perspectives and to also directly participate within, as a means for them to be able to reflect upon their own lives and places.

Water has fascinated me for many years. Researching networked performance, looking at meshing form and content, I observed that water’s fluidity, stripes and rhythms make links between graphic, choreographic, musical and cinematic forms. I come from a country in Europe where water is often considered a commodity and taken for granted as it rains a lot. For three years in the early 90’s, I lived in a part of India where access to water regulated life. When I moved to Brisbane, Australia, I saw the city going through severe drought for several years and then big floods. These events made me more aware of water issues and the politics around water, and led me to conceive Waterwheel, an ongoing project open to all, for cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural dialogues and exchanges around the globe.