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CUBA: Magdalena Sin Fronteras

The Book of Space – Cuba 2017 from suzon fuks on Vimeo.

The Book of Space - Cuba 2017
The Book of Space by Jill Greenhalgh & Suzon Fuks – work in progress, Santa Clara, Cuba – January 2017
Suzon Fuks has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Invitation to Sit with Death Awhile

an intimate performance installation that invites individuals to contemplate mortality, and privately share experiences of love and loss.

An intimate one-on-one performance installation combining projection, song, and the enactment of simple tasks.
Inside a tiny sitting room a teapot quietly sings. A woman will offer you a shot of whiskey and a task to perform.
She is happy to bear witness, or to do the task for you, or to simply sit with you in silence.
Experienced in sitting with death for awhile, she prefers to do it with you.
An Invitation To Sit With Death Awhile is Ladyfinger/Igneous collaboration devised by Dawn Albinger and Suzon Fuks.
Presented in November 2016 at Metroarts for Deathfest.

Thanks for the trigger to think about and softly grieve the loss of my nephew…There’s a softness about this space. Like a Santa Claus floating in a breeze. A breath. A holding.

What a gift to your audience, boutique chamber theatre, the best kind… Heart moved.

We really need more of this kind of art, so that we can know ourselves better. It is not wank, nor a waste of money.

Whiskey is a helpful thing! The price of love is grief. And that’s ok.

‘The Book of Space’ – research continues at Transit Festival

What an amazing time Jill Greenhalgh and I had, continuing our research on ‘The Book of Space’ in the context of Transit Festival at Odin Theatre last June.
Amazing also as accomplished and extraordinary performers from Brazil, India, Japan, Germany, Mexico and Spain, joined us: Jana Korb, Joelma Pereira, Keiin Yoshimura, Luciana Martuchelli, Maria Cantero, Parvathy Baul, Tina Louise Andrighetti, and Violeta Luna.
Transit Festival 2016

‘The Book of Space’ – screen work, Magdalena Festival in Montpellier

‘The Book of Space’ – short workshop showing, Magdalena Festival in Montpellier

‘The Book of Space’ – Research

The Book of Space

I will update with notes taken during my 3-weeks stay in Wales, collaborating with Jill Greenhalgh on ‘The Book of Space’.

Wales 2015

‘The Book of Space’ – First Research Showing

Fluidata installation