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‘Water Works!’ 18-20 March 2016










I am proud to announce and invite you to partake in this exciting final large online event
WATER WORKS! Friday 18 March to Sunday 20 March
NOTE: date & time vary according to your timezone!

250+ entries, 150+ scientists, artists, activists and youth from 5 continents
contributed to the call for the online exhibition: WATER WORKS!

Contributors responded to the questions:
– how WATER WORKS despite climate change, financial crises, war, and global environmental damage
– how art, science, design, and activism can reinstate the social, cultural and environmental value of water
– how we can give recognition to the indispensable and invaluable ways that water works

A fantastic group of 22 curators from 19 countries will discuss selected entries and respond to online audience, in a streaming event on the Waterwheel video-collaboration system, the Tap.
Looking forward to your presence
SOCIAL: Twitter: @the_waterwheel #WaterWorks

CURATORS: Amin Hammami (TN/SA), Annie Abrahams (NL/FR), Atefeh Khas (IR), Camilla Boemio (IT), Catherine Lee (TW), Claudia Jacques (US), Eklavya Prasad (IN), Eric Leonardson (US), Ian Clothier (NZ), Jason Grant (AU), Joanna Hoffmann (P), Katarina Djordjevic Urosevic (RS), Leah Barclay (AU/PE), Lila Moore (IL), Margaret Shiu (TW), Michele Guieu (US), Pascale Barret (B), Ricardo Dal Farra (AR/CA), Russell Milledge (AU), Tracey Benson (AU), Victoria Vesna (US), and West D.L. Marrin (US).

snippets #4 – in Paris

In Paris, I went of course to see ‘Leviathan’ by Anish Kapoor at le Grand-Palais. It was such a short exhibition for such a huge and impactful work. I was really lucky. I went at the end of the day around 6pm. there was a gorup of people inside and it was hot, so i went to have a drink and look at the installation from outside and how it was fitting inside the glasshouse of the Grand-Palais. I had no idea of the time, but wanted to watch it once more. That’s when I filmed, the shadows of the glasshouse were making a fantastic structure inside the structure. People left, it was about to close and I was alone! wow! Feeling of being in between black holes, in something like a huge organism…not possible to describe, something to feel.
I also went to the WATER Pavilion (metro Javel!  the irony is: Eau de Javel=bleach) – see photos on flickr there is a permanent exhibition about Paris water and its infrastructure, a library and a workshop space for kids, and there was a temporary exhibition about WATER+ART+DESIGN.