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CUBA: Magdalena Sin Fronteras

The Book of Space – Cuba 2017 from suzon fuks on Vimeo.

The Book of Space - Cuba 2017
The Book of Space by Jill Greenhalgh & Suzon Fuks – work in progress, Santa Clara, Cuba – January 2017
Suzon Fuks has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

‘The Book of Space’ – research continues at Transit Festival

What an amazing time Jill Greenhalgh and I had, continuing our research on ‘The Book of Space’ in the context of Transit Festival at Odin Theatre last June.
Amazing also as accomplished and extraordinary performers from Brazil, India, Japan, Germany, Mexico and Spain, joined us: Jana Korb, Joelma Pereira, Keiin Yoshimura, Luciana Martuchelli, Maria Cantero, Parvathy Baul, Tina Louise Andrighetti, and Violeta Luna.
Transit Festival 2016

Magdalena Festival in Montpellier

Magdalena Festival Montpellier 2015

The Magdalena Project is an international network of women working in contemporary performance.
Magdalena Festival in Montpellier was a week of workshops, performances and challenges.
But for me, it was also the opportunity to eventually meet Annie Abrahams, whom I met and collaborated online for at least 5 or 6 years!
A lot to say. I will update this post with more notes.
Marion Coutarel was the Artistic Director – “Les dires des femmes. Créer de nouveaux espaces langagiers. Se confronter à la différence et aller au-delà de Babel. Etre dans l’urgence de dire face à l’uniformité d’un langage économique et des mots vidés de sens. Côtoyer l’indicible, dénoncer nos limites par le langage des corps. La multiplicité des langues est le fondement du sujet humain mais aussi le dénominateur commun de toutes productions artistiques.”

‘The Book of Space’ – screen work, Magdalena Festival in Montpellier

‘The Book of Space’ – short workshop showing, Magdalena Festival in Montpellier

‘The Book of Space’ – Research

The Book of Space

I will update with notes taken during my 3-weeks stay in Wales, collaborating with Jill Greenhalgh on ‘The Book of Space’.

Wales 2015

‘The Book of Space’ – First Research Showing