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snippets #1 – Prague Quadrennial of Extended Scenography

00:00 ‘Birthday Suits’ by Misha Le Jen, Russia – Extreme Costume
00:29 ‘Missing’ – Best Curatorial Concept of an Exhibit: Hungary – conceptual unity immersing visitors in an enigmatic, metaphorical world, focusing on the plight of the artist in contemporary society.
01:25 students models integrating video screens
01:53 Roman and Alexandra water waves modulating with different sound frequencies
02:25 ‘wipers’
02:35 student work, Serbia
02:52 staircases at the boxes (Intersections exhibition)
In the Boxes of Intersections – Intimacy and Spectacle: Intimacy and Spectacle is a special international project of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2011 that explores space as creator of the audience/viewer and visual art/theatre relationship and performance as an important element of different art and cultural disciplines.
03:39 – 3 heads
05:23 – alone, in a dark box ….designed by Romeo Castellucci
06:29 – Australian students work – a wheel…

MIRAGE @ Nuit Blanche

MIRAGE at Nuit Blanche in Toronto last week-end, presented by Abilities Arts Festival.  We got 545 people through the black space and more than 1000 in the white space.
2 great reviews: NOW magazine: ‘…sensational…spectacular movement performance, accompanied by compelling electronic music. 45 minutes of jaw-dropping beauty. For free. A perfect example of why Nuit Blanche rocks.’ by Susan G.Cole
BLOGTO: ‘ My favorite for the night….intense and unforgettable. Personal, immediate, complex: it was the only Nuit Blanche installation I would have paid money to see.’ by Matthew Harris.
some photos of the preparation

Taman Tirto, village portrait

It’s been a while that Scotia Monkivitch and I wanted to take time to work on performance/movement material.  So we jumped at this opportunity to have a residency in Yogyakarta to do some studio work. Training in the morning: kalaripayatt for Scotia and James who accompanied us and is working on his own project, and swimming for me as I am still recuping from my both knees arthroscopy.  The first 2 weeks we visited lots of cultural places, galleries and artists and took a guided walk along the Code river.

We are staying in a traditional Javanese wooden house next to a paddy field in the South of the city, in Taman Tirto, Kasihan Bantul.  Children helped us to connect with the village life.  We invited the community to come on a Sunday afternoon to gather, meet us and make a video portrait, which we used in an installation performance later that week.  But first, we gathered again in a former Gamelang room used a hall now, to show the edited video and get people’s feedback.


Weaving through and into the frame, so many legs, on the move, moving out.  Each one is leading and following, following the finest of threads.
– direction, editing, sound: Suzon Fuks – music: Jeff Turpin – music recording: James Cunningham –

If I am interested by the extension of the screendance definition to multidimensional and multiscreens in live performance, I also work for one screen as a vocabulary/syntax/foundation work.  So, “Threads”, first work made during my fellowship, is for a standalone screen, investigating how to go beyond the frame with caterpillars moving in a long line  (old footage sleeping in a draw for some time), diving in with very close ups, entering in textures, exploring the borders, geometry, depth, going in/out of the frame.

Revisiting old works, I realised after making this video, that my very first image piece (with photos and polaroids that I digitised at the end of 2009) was titled FILS: French word for threads!…cycle…..