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at Tembi contemporary Gallery, Yogyakarta

Visits to artists encouraged me to formulate better and further the concept of VIRTUAL FOUNTAINS and what networked performance means. It also showed me that if the project is based on contribution and collaboration, it needed to be done in stages.
So Scotia and I made an installation performance at Tembi contemporary Gallery, followed by an artist talk and few days later I gave a workshop (next post).

The installation performance was closely connected to the gallery’s two ponds. Beautiful art space!  Plastic bags full of water hung over the ponds (people use them here for drinking). Two of them contained a goldfish.  There were 2 simultaneous projections on the walls behind the ponds:

video of village people, grouped by age, drinking, mixed with images of waterfalls (from plenty to scarcity), ending on an image of drought
– animated loop of Scotia and I drinking from plastic bottles, using internet platform Upstage, with participation of Marlena Corcoran as a remote performer in Munich, performing/responding to me in real time. When the water diminished in the other projection, a wall of plastic bottles gradually covered the frame.

A soundtrack built up, consisting of a common ‘choosing’ rhyme (‘I love him, I love him not’ in 3 languages: Bahasa Indonesian, English and French) layered in crescendo and gave rhythm to Scotia for developing a movement variation inspired by water usage and then, piercing the bags (with same idea of plucking petals from a daisy) creating waterfalls from each into the ponds. This continued until only the bags with the fish remained.
At this point, 2 fish appeared on UpStage saying ‘I love the world, I love it not’ and developed a short ‘on-line performance’. Scotia released the fish into the ponds and piled up all plastic bags.

The cartoonesque fish on UpStage then introduced my artist talk about VIRTUAL FOUNTAINS. – photos by Elly Mangunsong –

Taman Tirto, village portrait

It’s been a while that Scotia Monkivitch and I wanted to take time to work on performance/movement material.  So we jumped at this opportunity to have a residency in Yogyakarta to do some studio work. Training in the morning: kalaripayatt for Scotia and James who accompanied us and is working on his own project, and swimming for me as I am still recuping from my both knees arthroscopy.  The first 2 weeks we visited lots of cultural places, galleries and artists and took a guided walk along the Code river.

We are staying in a traditional Javanese wooden house next to a paddy field in the South of the city, in Taman Tirto, Kasihan Bantul.  Children helped us to connect with the village life.  We invited the community to come on a Sunday afternoon to gather, meet us and make a video portrait, which we used in an installation performance later that week.  But first, we gathered again in a former Gamelang room used a hall now, to show the edited video and get people’s feedback.

Call 4 participation to “Sprinkler Fountain” for the 101010 UpStage Festival

SPRINKLER FOUNTAIN by Suzon Fuks (Australia), Miljana Peric (Serbia) and Tara Rebele (USA) can be plotted as a net with many idea-sourcing knots, rain of conceptualized drops, cradle for discontinuous fluxes in which particles of waterdreams and waternightmares meet each other for a moment or two.

It is a place where you can leave your waterstory, waterpoem, watersketch, or whaterever: > subject: water.

It is a time when you can get other kinds of aesthetic fluctuations, through the force of streams which have to be caused by decorative and dramatic tidal resonances.
We can’t tell you any more, because this plot is highly dependent upon the coming myriad of tiny aqua-semantical dataflows.
The only saying that would flow around for now is: to sprinkle or not to sprinkle?

SPRINKLER FOUNTAIN is part of VIRTUAL FOUNTAINS:  for 101010 UpStage Festival, there will be presentation of initial ideas of a new project about WATER, a currency in all cultures, a compelling issue providing metaphors and vocabulary for creative exchange online and on-site.

In other words: please send us before the festival memories, tales & media about water that you are happy for us to use: > subject: water, or just turn up at the fountain on the day! we will post a link closer to the date.

Part 2, Presentation Dec 09

After 3 months of my fellowship, I presented to peers what I have done and what I am preparing : the first part of the presentation was about ‘Screendance’, second part about ‘Networked Performance’. I delivered the presentation twice:
– at Igneous studio with 18 people, on December 6, 2009 – download transcript
– online with 12 people from 3 different time zones(!), on December 13, 2009, on UpStage and using audio on USTREAM. Download the log.
Below is the video of the 2nd part of the online presentation about ‘Networked Performance’. For the 1st part of the online presentation about ‘Screendance’, see this post (screendance category).
The sessions were followed by a critical response process facilitated by James Cunningham.