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Fluidata performances online & onsite

Fluidata – 2 years in the making


James Cunningham performing slow walks in Freshwater Creek in Cairns (upper part) and in Cloncurry River Anabranch


Fluidata is a project, James Cunningham and I developed over 2 years.

First stage was travelling around Queensland, 7500 kilometres, meeting people, giving workshops, and gathering media, data and stories.

Second stage was researching and making/developing an installation.

Third stage was working in residence at The Block, Queensland University of Technology Creative Industries Precincts in order to present an explorative installation, combined with performances onsite and online with a small team.

Fluidata installation

Fluidata Opening Performance

‘Streamed river walk’, an online performative presentation

James Cunningham and I presented “Streamed river walk, recounting an embodied environmental networked performance practice”, an ONLINE PERFORMATIVE PRESENTATION at the Networked Bodies Symposium in London, at Watermans, on the 9th November 12.30am (Brisbane time).
We enacted slow walking performance on the bank of Brisbane River, recounting our creek walks around Queensland and the Waterwheel network.

We’ve also presented in March 2015 the FLUIDATA project in progress at the international conference Balance/UnBalance in Arizona State University this year.
Below a screen capture of our presentation, with a map of our itinerary around Queensland to collect data.


Waterwheel documentation – residency #2 at the Judith Wright Centre

snippets #4 – in Paris

In Paris, I went of course to see ‘Leviathan’ by Anish Kapoor at le Grand-Palais. It was such a short exhibition for such a huge and impactful work. I was really lucky. I went at the end of the day around 6pm. there was a gorup of people inside and it was hot, so i went to have a drink and look at the installation from outside and how it was fitting inside the glasshouse of the Grand-Palais. I had no idea of the time, but wanted to watch it once more. That’s when I filmed, the shadows of the glasshouse were making a fantastic structure inside the structure. People left, it was about to close and I was alone! wow! Feeling of being in between black holes, in something like a huge organism…not possible to describe, something to feel.
I also went to the WATER Pavilion (metro Javel!  the irony is: Eau de Javel=bleach) – see photos on flickr there is a permanent exhibition about Paris water and its infrastructure, a library and a workshop space for kids, and there was a temporary exhibition about WATER+ART+DESIGN.

snippets #1 – Prague Quadrennial of Extended Scenography

00:00 ‘Birthday Suits’ by Misha Le Jen, Russia – Extreme Costume
00:29 ‘Missing’ – Best Curatorial Concept of an Exhibit: Hungary – conceptual unity immersing visitors in an enigmatic, metaphorical world, focusing on the plight of the artist in contemporary society.
01:25 students models integrating video screens
01:53 Roman and Alexandra water waves modulating with different sound frequencies
02:25 ‘wipers’
02:35 student work, Serbia
02:52 staircases at the boxes (Intersections exhibition)
In the Boxes of Intersections – Intimacy and Spectacle: Intimacy and Spectacle is a special international project of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2011 that explores space as creator of the audience/viewer and visual art/theatre relationship and performance as an important element of different art and cultural disciplines.
03:39 – 3 heads
05:23 – alone, in a dark box ….designed by Romeo Castellucci
06:29 – Australian students work – a wheel…