As explained in the post ‘Obsolete’ series, last October Suzon entered in a phase of decluttering her office. She decided to take the opportunity to open obsolete electronic devices, discovering hidden wonders. Suzon made artist books and then, decided to make jewellery with Kati, who has an amazing creativity for juxtaposing elements.

Here are images of their collection so far, with their sale conditions:
– The goods are to be sold directly (NO consignment, sorry)
– All our pieces are unique and one offs. If a piece is sold, it will display an hashtag # which means, we are happy to take orders and make a similar piece, if we can find similar parts.
– Commissions are to have a deposit paid in advance : 50% of full price. The remainder can be paid once piece is finished.
– Please note some pieces may vary in prices, pending on how rare they are (they will display an asterisk *).

Our retail prices include postage within Australia, packaging, and are not subject to GST: Ear rings $40/$50*, Brooches $50, Pendants $75/$100*, Fridge Magnets $45-$65.
Please contact us for WHOLESALE prices and INTERNATIONAL postage.
We also have credit card and PayPal facilities.  We are opening an online shop on 7 June 2020. Link to the shop and party on Jitsi to be announced soon.
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