the fellowship

During two and half years (September 2009 – April 2012), I explored the frontiers of screendance and networked performance.

#1 Phase revolved around creating three new pieces specifically for the screen which integrates dance footage collected over the last 25 years around the world including some rare Indian dance forms.
#2 Phase involved in-depth research to create a networked performance to occur simultaneously in multiple spaces, using telecommunication to link people and place. This work has been physically generated through audience response and explored issues of flux and connection.

I shared my findings by maintaining this blog, attending international festivals, and presenting outcomes at the Igneous studio, Ausdance Queensland and as artist in residence at the Judith Wright Centre.

My creative practice and artistic innovations have been forged since the 80’s.  works overview here
In this time my work has been highly influenced by the many cultures I have lived within, attracting wide national and international interest.  Since relocating to Australia from Europe in 1996, my work has continued to integrate and initiate innovative new approaches to meshing performance, media and technologies and has in turn received new national and international recognition.  The next logical step for me is to now consolidate this practice by weaving together related threads of movement, performance, visual media, and networked technologies that build upon this rich, diverse, and cross-cultural body of work.

As an intrinsically experimental artist I am deeply committed to making & developing art that examines, reflects upon, and helps us survive today’s disjointed worlds.  Using the live body as a starting point, I focus on process, interaction and diversity, compelled by small human gestures that are shared across cultures and that communicate and reveal the depth and complexity of our human experience. My practice is characterised by a holistic post-humanistic approach that focuses upon magnifying details, synthesizing wholes, collaborating, coordinating, weaving between extremes, playing with contrasts and emphasizing presence and space.  My works are made for audiences to interpret, to be provoked by, to view from a range of perspectives and to also directly participate within, as a means for them to be able to reflect upon their own lives and places.