Fashioning Technology Workshop

Tara Pattenden gave us an overview about e-textiles and how to use electronics, leds and sensors in our designs. The workshop happened at the Cyber Palace, in an old building of Chinatown. I learned how to make and plan circuits. It inspired me to create jewellery that lights-up (pendants and earrings), using the circuit to inform my design – which I named BE THE LIGHT series. It also triggered ideas for wearable mixing repurposed electronic parts, recycled copper threads (as triggers for some sensors) with LEDs and Adafruit Circuit Playground.

The workshop, opened to all ages and all skill levels, covered:
* Gain an understanding of basic electronics circuits, including using LEDs and sensors
* Get an introduction to programming concepts
* Learn about different sensing technology
* Sew your own electronic circuits.
* Create a range of projects that combine electronics and craft.
* Have fun learning about soft circuitry and fashion technology.