GPS — where am I?

Obsolete series

From street directories to the convenience of navigating with satellite assistance, and the recent use of government-based tracing software. A flagbook made with all the components and the shell of one navigation device.
9 pages plus cover. 13.5 x 25cm

“This was a Satellite Navigation Device installed in a car. It replaced the thick refedex and crumpled maps which were lying in vehicle side door pockets. It also happily removed my never-ending intense worries when attempting to navigate, trying to make sense of the refedex and maps, not knowing sometimes where I actually was in the first place! Now with GPS sensors in all smartphones, I feel confident to go anywhere, unless I lose network connection, or forget my device at home!

The other side of the coin, is this uncomfortable feeling during this covid time of having tracking software, with or without Bluetooth, giving my data to the government….”