UpStage is an open source platform for cyberformance: remote performers combine images, animations, audio, web cams, text and drawing in real-time for an online audience. All you need is a web browser!

The fourth annual festival of performances in UpStage will be held on 10 October, 2010, featuring a record 17 shows made by artists from around the world.

101010 will start at 2am Milwaukee time on Sunday 10 October and run for approximately 20 hours (with a couple of refreshment breaks). Click here to view the full schedule.

There are dance-based performances, theoretical meditations, comedy, explorations of sexuality, conceptual works, stories, creative interpretations of technology and numerous interactive works. Several performances include participatory contexts prior to the festival and some are part of larger projects. Click here to read about the performances.

Just over half of the shows are by artists who have previously made work in UpStage, with nine shows coming from artists new to UpStage. Many of the new artists are established in other disciplines, including theatre, dance, music and visual arts, and are interested in exploring the extension of their practice in cyberspace.

There will be RL access nodes in several locations including Wellington and Auckland (NZ), New York (USA), New Hampshire (USA), Oslo (Norway), Nantes (France), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Calgary (Canada) and Vietnam.

The 101010 UpStage Festival is supported by the voluntary efforts of many people, most especially the adventurous, innovative and imaginative artists creating the performances and the enthusiastic organisers of the RL access nodes. THANK YOU! The festival is also supported by Creative New Zealand, CityLink (providing free server hosting and traffic), Auckland University of Technology (software maintenance and development) and Stray Media (video editing and support).