a poetic meditation on age, obsolescence and technology, incorporating dance, video art and multilingual poetry
a project by Suzon Fuks

presented at the online international festivals: Bodies:On:Live Magdalena:On:Line, Mestiza Chile & 30th International Festival Mujeres En Escena Por La Paz in Colombia

Writers: Amaranta Osorio (Mexico), Annie Abrahams (France/Netherlands), Nasim Khosravi (Iran), Parvathy Baul (India), Ya-Ling Peng (Taiwan),  and Younghee Park (Korea), Outside Eye: James Cunningham and Videographer / Technical Manager: Freddy Komp (Australia)

How do we advance technology without giving up our sense of humanity?
What does it mean to become / be obsolete?

In times of the pandemic, we rely increasingly on technology. But are we going to be overthrown by robots and algorithms? Is this a sci-fi fantasy or a reality?
Suzon invited six artists from different cultures to respond in their own languages to these questions.

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