a poetic meditation on age, obsolescence and technology, incorporating dance, video art and multilingual poetry
a project by Suzon Fuks

presented at the online international festivals: Bodies:On:Live Magdalena:On:Line, Mestiza Chile & 30th International Festival Mujeres En Escena Por La Paz in Colombia

“BE LIKE BODY–OBSOLETE is a work of enormous value. I found the construction of the virtual cell made of computers and the presence of objects very powerful. It’s shocking and visually excellent when you see Suzon from above in a kind of tech pit. The scene where she hits the computers with forks is strong. The work of polyphony of voices and languages, in an atmosphere of nature, is rich and its contrast is interesting.” – Itziar Pascual (playwright and pedagogue. National Prize for Children’s Literature. Spain)

Writers: Amaranta Osorio (Mexico), Annie Abrahams (France/Netherlands), Nasim Khosravi (Iran), Parvathy Baul (India), Ya-Ling Peng (Taiwan),  and Younghee Park (Korea), Outside Eye: James Cunningham and Videographer / Technical Manager: Freddy Komp (Australia)

How do we advance technology without giving up our sense of humanity?
What does it mean to become / be obsolete?

In times of the pandemic, we rely increasingly on technology. But are we going to be overthrown by robots and algorithms? Is this a sci-fi fantasy or a reality?
Suzon invited six artists from different cultures to respond in their own languages to these questions.

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