to artists, scientists & professionals
22 March 2012,
on International Water Day, held on Waterwheel’s Tap


Organised by
Mohamed Amin Hammami & Hichem Rejeb from Horticulture, Landscape & Environment Research Unit of Higher School of Agronomical Sciences of Chott Meriem, IRESA, Sousse University – Tunisia

– Water & landscape construction of yesterday. What to do today?
– Water and landscapes across disciplines
– Waters and landscapes: issues of layout development & territorial scales

– 30 JANUARY 2012 DEADLINE to send performance proposals & abstracts to Amin Hammami & Dr Hichem Rejeb
– 1 March 2012: deadline for completing accepted papers
– 10 –12 March: training on using Waterwheel for the accepted authors
– 12 March: announcement of the symposium program
– 22 March 2012: symposium
– 3 months after the symposium: publication of the proceedings (book & pdf file)

photo from NASA’s eyes on the Earth blog Ichkeul Lake in northern Tunisia.
Top: November 14, 2001. Bottom: July 29, 2005; the water level is higher, but a large part of the lake appears red due to the presence of aquatic plants. Ichkeul Lake and wetlands are a major stopover point for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds who come to feed and nest. It is the last remaining lake in a chain that once extended across North Africa, and has badly deteriorated as a result of the construction of three dams on rivers supplying it and its marshes, which have cut off almost all inflow of freshwater. The Tunisian government plans to undertake various measures to retain freshwater in the lake on a year-round basis and reduce the salinity of the lake.

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