In Paris, I went of course to see ‘Leviathan’ by Anish Kapoor at le Grand-Palais. It was such a short exhibition for such a huge and impactful work. I was really lucky. I went at the end of the day around 6pm. there was a gorup of people inside and it was hot, so i went to have a drink and look at the installation from outside and how it was fitting inside the glasshouse of the Grand-Palais. I had no idea of the time, but wanted to watch it once more. That’s when I filmed, the shadows of the glasshouse were making a fantastic structure inside the structure. People left, it was about to close and I was alone! wow! Feeling of being in between black holes, in something like a huge organism…not possible to describe, something to feel.

I also went to the WATER Pavilion (metro Javel!  the irony is: Eau de Javel=bleach) – see photos on flickr there is a permanent exhibition about Paris water and its infrastructure, a library and a workshop space for kids, and there was a temporary exhibition about WATER+ART+DESIGN.

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