PHONES THAT SMART is a series of hand-made concertina books, using components from discarded smartphones I’ve stripped down, and texts I’ve collated from blog posts, articles and statistics, about the stories behind them. Most of the pages are layers that come from the insides of the screens. The smallest book is 5.5 x 11.2cm and the biggest is 7 x 14.5cm
This work is made to encourage people to use their phones as long as possible and recycle them, and to be aware of the disparity of access to Internet, communication and electricity. Inspiration from Yuval Noah Harari‘s books.
Each PHONE THAT SMARTS has a particular focus:

#1 – definition
#2 – components
#3 – environmental facts #1
#4 – environmental facts #2
#5 – sustainability
#6 – planned obsolescence
#7 – some numbers
#8 – disparity
#9 – production
#10 – benefits/negatives
#11 – recycling
#12 – references