polder kolder

dancing with shared camera and four hands in the Vollenhove polder
with Annie Abrahams & Suzon Fuks
Editing: Suzon Fuks
Residency Godfried, Vollenhove, the Netherlands – August 2023

Below sea-level, the water behind dykes, levelled through machines, always present, a force to be reckoned with, to return to, to be returned by, re-turn, return, turn turn turn,
a dance entangling the scapes, turn re turn turn, four hands, one camera, an eye at the tips of the fingers while re
turning tuning in
an ode

NB: another version with sound by Jan de Weille, using dopplerdoos, is part of “I rave/je délire” section Euphorie Pavillion of The Wrong Biennale 06. Curators: Andres Manniste, Laurent Bouchard and Joyce Yahouda, supporting the work of lateral-thinking artists who take risks and often go beyond the limits of their disciplinary fields.

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