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SEAM 2009 – Spatial Phrases
the symposium was varied with keynotes, presentations of papers, performances, screenings and exhibitions.

It triggered personal thoughts about the making process going through seamed or seamless interaction between space, architecture, body and cinema (frame/screen): from articulating personal and collaborative practice to eventually presenting works in various forms including – but not only – academic papers.  It left me with questions about the need of description, the practice itself of writing, and creating our own vocabulary/language, generating a code/diagrams.

Listening to some talks, I felt there were like stacks of tags which could be a  shortcut to present/remember my notes.  In ‘tag’ fashion, my favourite form is the cloud. Below I organise them by :
– family: module, modulation, co-modulate
– un-definition and un-determination: perceptual shift, liminality, intermediality, fluidity, blur, fracture, in the glitch, slippage
– funny how re-, de-, un- and other suffixes are used: re-explore, dis-ruption, un-predictable, re-signal, re-inject,  de-stabilise, de-fragment, un-define, un-do, etc.   Is it a way to re-novate the wheel in the digital era (example: organic round photographic grains becoming digital square pixels!) ?
– physical experience :  exercising, exorcising, transformative/ transformational
– internet vocabulary: platform, surfing (together as a way of being in the same movement of energy), activation, mapping
– design vocabulary: responsive with speed and scale, participatory models
– poetic license: traversing, spatial autobiographical narrative
Funny to observe, throughout the symposium, recurring quotations from Deleuze and images like Piranese Prisons!

Other questions I am pondering:
– when speaking about dramaturgy: what is the difference and complementarity of dynamic and syntax?  Can it be compared with musical composition?
– is it because of a lack of depth that people question the surface? Or maybe it is a fear of the unknown of the depth? Is the surface the skin? what is under the skin? Is the weight/counter-weight of content the interface/form/look?
– Does abstraction lead towards a mysticism?  If there is no narrative, is it abstract?  What about the impact of analogies?
– Why am I attracted to illusion? to kinaesthetic feel and particularly via the medium of projections?  Is tri-dimensionality tricking perception and consequently, something out of control?  Why am I interested in using various sources of content simultaneously?  Is it because of the slippage? that it will go out of synch, out of phase with time? and how thrilling to see/feel when it is happening?  Food for thought…..

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