I love traveling. In French (which is my mother tongue), work = “travail”  which has the same root as “travel”.  For me, travel and work feed each other! On this part of the blog, I will tell you about my travels….

For instance, these last months, as well as Singapore, I stopped in Paris where I went to the festival IMMATERIELLES , saw the exhibition, followed the conference/forum organised by Anne Roquigny with WJ-s and met also in real life Marin Favre, a composer whom I met on Facebook and other blogs!

The first 2 weeks of June, I was in Brussels (my hometown) where there was the live art festival Momentum 4. Great to meet ‘live’, some artists from around the world, that I have seen the works of on video, and to meet others again. Great atmosphere of sharing and support between artists.

‘Anna Tanzt’ or ‘Anna Gets Old’ (see video below), organised by the Bayerische Staatsballett.  Quite amazing to witness choreographer Lenka Flory – of Dejadonne company from Italy – working with 96 teenagers aged 13-14 who interact with about 40 elders aged 65+.  Thats a lot of people on stage!  Supported by James Cunningham, I collaborated with Dominik Tresowski who authored the media via the Ventuz software, managing 2 projectors seamlessly (projection was 16x7m).  The show was presented at the Muffathalle, which is directed by Dietmar Lupfer, an artist/curator interested in multi-dimensional projections.

James and I were artists in residence at Villa Waldberta with views on  Starnberg Lake and the Alps which we enjoyed the last week, when we didn’t have to commute to the city and had time to connect eventually with the other artists there, including Helen Varley Jamieson.