Along The Edge International Festival, Hong Kong

Along The Edge International Festival, Hong Kong presented Be Like Body–Obsolete last August 2022:

“Posthuman imagination about Cyborg, Prosthetic Body, Extended Experience, and Post-Humanity are always the hot topic to discuss in the near future. In the world we imagine, uncertainty and fear are the fundamental tones. Artist Suzon Fuks will connect to audiences via Zoom to perform and later invites audiences to meditate and discuss together in random break rooms to share their unique thoughts and feelings.”

“Our opening program, ?????Be Like Body – Obsolete????? has successfully finished! ???? With dozens of audiences from all around the world, we co-create a unique poem with the words that resonated with us during the performance under artist Suzon’s instructions. We whisper, feel and move by the rhythm, and in the meanwhile, connect with and reflect on others. To share the thoughts about obsolete, the meaning of adopting high tech, and the relationship between the human body and technology. Glad to have all the audience and various discussions happened.”

Referring to a status that is away from the mainstream/centre, being marginalised, or an act to challenge the existing norms, Hong Kong itself is also a city standing along the edge of China, owing to its unique geographic, cultural and political background. The festival is also interested in exploring how Hong Kong defines and develops its own identity and position in the world.

Multidisciplinary art festival including visual arts, dance, drama, music, documentary films, workshops and cultural experiences, it serves as a platform for those on the edge to speak out and exchange with other participants, and in so doing, redefine the very concept of ‘along the edge’.