LAPTOP — my toolbox

Obsolete series

Unlike my handyman father, I see the computer as a clever box containing many tools. I got my first laptop in 1986. The book is made from the shells and components of MacBook Pros, including heatsink, mousepad, RAM and processor. 6 pages. 36.5 x 25cm

“My first laptop was a Toshiba bought in 1986. It weighed 4.1 kilos and had a huge heavy case. When travelling, I had to get an ATA carnet stamped by customs for each border I crossed. Imagine if we still had to do that! Its memory capacity was a 1 MB RAM and a 20 MB hard drive. My latest laptop, a Macbook Pro bought in 2016, weighs 1.8 kilos and has 16 GB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive.

My handyman father didn’t see a computer as a clever box containing many tools. His understanding of the word ‘tools’ was very different! My toolbox allows me to work on emails, video editing,  photo editing,  photo management, graphic design, notes, file management, word processor, calendar,  calculator, accounting, dictionaries, tanslators, collaboration board, timer, mind mapping, , interface for projections and video scenography, as well as watching movies, listening to music, browsing the Internet, and social media.”