Obsolete series

I write about the aesthetic and sustainability issues impacting on my move from analog to digital photography. A concertina book in the shape of an old accordion style camera, with components of digital cameras and a manual exposure value calculator. 7 pages including cover. 27 x 16.5cm

“With the apparition of digital devices, everyone became a photographer. With just a click, at the tip of your fingers!
On one side, access to so much imagery is interesting, on the other hand, it feels at times that professional skills are undervalued. Between 2005 and 2006 I stopped taking photos, not able to find anymore the silver paperI liked to print my images onto. I was questioning the visual world of the roundish grain (I called them potatoes) versus the square pixel, and how images were becoming slick and flat. 

Trying to balance the pros and cons in terms of sustainability, the amount of water used for this or that, and seeing the differences in workflow, I made the jump. My darkroom became the store room of the house. Nobody was interested in buying its equipment, despite its beautiful professional enlarger, great sinks and lots of accessories, until a young man’s visit. He said he had a silver printing lab and wanted to teach people the old method! It pleased me to know the darkroom was going to be used by many, and the world of the potato grain was going to be transmitted, against all odds!”