An explorable installation on deep time, embodied presence, and metaphors relating to the straight line and the meander. At designated times, Cunningham and Fuks performed durational actions live—simultaneously streamed online on Waterwheel—that seeked to reflect a way of being that can invigorate a sense of wonder, and wondering, in what exists, even in our own backyards. The project used a range of processes to bring Queenslanders of all ages into touch with their local waterways, into connection with each other and to create an interactive aesthetic response to water throughout Queensland.

Recordings of locals in remote places recount extremes of drought and flood—considered normal from the perspective of deep time—and concerns over mining, CSG fracking and the degradation of aquifers.

June 2015: installation & performances at The Block, QUT Kelvin Grove & online on Waterwheel with Bonemap in Cairns

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Reviews: Andrew Kettle & Kathryn Kelly, Realtime Magazine