Waterwheel Patch Presentation at ISEA 2013 in Sydney by Suzon Fuks, James Cunningham and Ian Winters. See article in the proceedings.

This video document relates our current research using mobile devices as a way of integrating remote physical movement and sound into the online structure of Waterwheel’s Tap allowing participation away from keyboard/mouse­ based computers. Taking a cue from research using sensors in dance, we are using phones carried by/attached to remote participants collecting sensor information on their movements and audio as content, feedback and control source for the Tap while they are exploring tracks and soundscapes of their local waterway/body of water in Australia, Indonesia, Europe, and USA: Brisa Mp – volunteer in Sydney, Russell Milledge & Rebecca Youdell – Bonemap in Cairns (Australia), Evelyn Ficarra & Kate Genevieve in Brighton (UK), and Mary Armentrout & Marcia Scott in San Francisco (USA).

Waterwheel co-founders Inkahoots are working to implement practical research results.