On 19 July until 20 July 2019, 70 people from around the world read the leaked reports contained within The Nauru Files as part of a 24-hour networked performance live streamed on this Facebook event page facebook.com/events/320063375568971

The Nauru Files are leaked reports from staff (Save the Children teachers, caseworkers, recreational staff and some may have been written by security) relating to abuses, self-harm, and neglect of refugees, including children, who tried to reach Australia by boat on or after the 19th of July 2013.
19 July 2019 marks 6 years of indefinite detention of people seeking asylum in Australia by boat, who have been sent to ‘offshore processing centres’ on Nauru and Manus islands. Currently, 12 people have died and mental health has reached alarming and catastrophic levels on both prison-islands.

By reading this document we urge Australian politicians to:
– Close the camps
– Bring the people seeking asylum to Australia
– Process them fairly and swiftly
– Speak to and about them with respect and humanity
– Respect the Rule of Law, the International Human Rights Charter, the 1951 International Refugee Convention & the 1967 Protocol.

This networked performance builds on previous Reading the Nauru Files networked performances, which were:

– A 24h networked performance live on Facebook with 50 people from around the world on the 19 July 2018 commemorating 5 years of “indefinite detention”
facebook.com/events/281177502625005 and suzonfuks.net/reading-nauru-files-2018

– An 18h networked performance live on Facebook by James Cunningham and Suzon Fuks on 19 July 2017 commemorating 4 years of “indefinite detention”

The Nauru Files were first published publicly by the Guardian and are available online theguardian.com/news/series/nauru-files

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