KINDLE — Passage to the Digital World

Obsolete series

Chronicles my love of physical books and my journey to digital books. A concertina book made with the shell and components of a Kindle. 8 pages including cover. 12 x 18.5cm

“The passage from the physical book to the digital one has been a journey for me.
I like books as objects, spaces to journey into with their multi-dimensionality, while the digital book reduces the content to a slick surface, whether it’s a tablet, kindle or smartphone.

I must admit I read more and more on digital support because of the convenience in storing books, a relatively lightweight thing to carry instead of several heavy, voluminous and separate objects. At home, I still have real books around me. Their presence is as important as having friends over.  When I moved to Australia, they were about the only things I shipped! 

I find the old Kindle generation cute, a transitional object with a cover page and a keyboard, between book and tablet. When stripping down the device, discovering its innards, I found the keyboard interface surprisingly beautiful!”